Your payment for services rendered is due at the conclusion of each appointment or the day after surgery.  Payments can only be made by cash or cheque, not with credit or debit cards or with spending accounts or vision plans.  Should we agree to wait for payment from a health plan* on your behalf, payment of any co-insurance, unmet deductible, and copayment as estimated by your health plan is due at the conclusion of each appointment.  If your health plan requires a referral, it must be presented before the appointment.  Regardless of any decision by any health plan, you as the patient or guarantor remain responsible for all payments in full.  Prompt payment of any balance is appreciated.  If your health plan provided inaccurate information and you are owed money, a refund will be promptly sent to you after all payments have been received.

*this courtesy can only be extended to participants in Medicare, Affinity, HealthFirst, and 1199 and in select plans from Aetna, CIGNA, United Healthcare, and Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

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